La valutazione strategica dei processi di privatizzazione

Giuseppe Festa, Antonio D'amato


The tension to privatization, on behalf of national and local administrations, has produced concrete effects on the public budget, by lightening the expenditures related to privatized enterprises, but it has left many doubts on the efficacy of management choices and therefore about the satisfaction of related communities. This work, with a view to resolve those concerns, wants to investigate a possible framework of analysis for the strategic evaluation of privatization processes. In particular, we insist on the assessment of the convenience to privatize, which should be considered not absolutely impracticable and/or indispensable, but constantly
subjected to the evaluation of the outcome of an integrated analysis, based on four key perspectives: taxpayer, customer, enterprise and employee. This pattern could support the governance organ firstly in the decision-making methodology towards privatization and secondly in transferring the decision taken to the community transparently.

ISSN: 1971-5293

ISSNe: 2283-3374

Esperienze d'Impresa, Reg. Tribunale Salerno n. 875 del 3/11/1993