Grasping the new reality of global supply chain in maritime transport: the role of dry-ports in Italy

Rocco Palumbo


This paper discusses the new reality of global supply chain in maritime transport, focusing the attention on the dry-port concept. The scientific literature is consistent in conceiving dry-ports as strategic entities to enhance sea-ports’ competitiveness. Nonetheless, the real contribution of dry-ports to the improvement of sea-ports performance is still poorly discussed. To concur in filling such a theoretical and empirical gap, the present study shows a brief literature review about the dry-port concept, which pays particular attention to the role of dry-ports in enhancing the effectiveness of the maritime supply chain. Drawing from the findings of the literature review, an exploratory analysis of Italian dry-ports is depicted. This study supports the importance of dry-ports in improving both the competitiveness and the attractiveness of sea-ports. From this standpoint, Port Authorities are encouraged to consider dry-ports as strategically relevant within their policies and strategies, thus revisiting their traditional managerial approach which mainly neglects the role of inland terminals.

Parole chiave

dry-ports; supply chain management; SCM; integration; maritime logistics; inland terminals

ISSN: 1971-5293

ISSNe: 2283-3374

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