Dualità e ambivalenza della struttura relazionale:peculiarità e problematiche nelle organizzazioni pubbliche

Bice Della Piana


The aim of the paper is to propose a conceptual scheme through which a theoretical link between the informal relation analysis and the improvement of the survival condition of a formal organization is done. In order to do that, the Barnard's theoretical approach will be used. The problem highlighted in this paper is that the absence of overlap between formal and informal relations leads toward the creation of informal pathologic relations.

Notwithstanding that, the creation of supportive relations is also possible. So, the main discussion will be focused both on the strengthening of the supportive relations and on the redesign of the pathological ones as enabling to the creation of a virtuous circle finalized to the increasing of the effectiveness of the cooperative action.


ISSN: 1971-5293

Esperienze d'Impresa, Reg. Tribunale Salerno n.875 del 3/11/1993