Control and analysis of proposal management in B2B: considerations and applications

Maria Teresa Cuomo, Gerardo Metallo, Giuseppe Festa



It is a well known fact that the value of relationships in business to business exchanges is a fundamental factor in management studies while the highly complex nature and relative importance of proposal management operations (i.e. management of the entire commercial offer itself) seems to be widely underestimated. Furthermore, it goes without saying that any type of industrial relationship is capable of creating wealth in economic and monetary terms (invoiced, profit, income) right from the very onset of acceptance of the proposal.

The aim of this research is not only to highlight current practice in terms of planning and consulting of proposal management in business to business, but also to propose in harmony/conformity with our research goals, an efficacy and efficiency control model for the verification of commercial offers. We submitted our proposal to a panel of organizations for evaluation, and they collaborated with interviews or by filling in a questionnaire. The outcome, consequently, enabled us to assess the initial impact of the initiative which, at this stage, is in the process of being perfected.


ISSN: 1971-5293

Esperienze d'Impresa, Reg. Tribunale Salerno n.875 del 3/11/1993